$2000 Cashback refinance offer Bank of Queensland

$2000 Cashback refinance offer Bank of Queensland

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Are there still cashback offers available for refinances?

Bank of Queensland

Home loan refinance cash back offers are still out there for certain banks so you can avoid having to pay upfront costs before saving interest on your home loan.  

Bank of Queensland is offering $2000 cashback when you refinance your owner occupied or investment home loan with a minimum loan amount of $250,000 and a maximum LVR of 80%.

This means, if the value of your home loan is 80% or less of the value of your property, then you will qualify for this rebate.

This cashback offer is available on most of their home loan products, which includes Clear Path, Economy or Fixed Rate loans.

There are some exclusions though.  If your current loan is with Bank of Queensland, Virgin Money, ME Bank or BOQ Specialist, then you are eligible for this offer.  This is because these brands are all part of the Bank Of Queensland group.

There’s currently no expiry date on this offer, so it’s available until it’s withdrawn by the bank.

Although cashback offers are great, it’s still essential to compare different offers on an apple to apple basis to determine whether you are will be saving money in the long term, and what the actual interest rates and fees are going to be.

We conduct a full cost benefit analysis for all our clients so you can save the time and effort and let us help you work it out.

Contact us to book in an obligation free assessment to understand how you can save and pay off your home loan sooner.

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