Special Home Loans For Medical Professionals

How can you benefit?

Waived lender’s mortgage insurance

Saving up to $30,000 upfront

Discounted interest rates

Save with discounted interest rates when borrowing up to 90%


Purchase your home with a reduced deposit between 5% to 10%

Fast home loan approval

Get your loan approved sooner than expected

Owner occupiers and property investors

Available for both owner occupiers and property investors


Maximise your savings with the right loan structure for your profession

Find Out If You Qualify

Banks have special policies tailored to medical professionals to help you save thousands of dollars in Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and allowing you to purchase a property with a reduced deposit compared to everyone else.

What is Lender’s Mortgage Insurance?

Lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) is an insurance that protects the bank and not you in the event that you’re unable to pay back your loan. Generally, whenever you are borrowing over 80% of the property value, you will need to pay Lender’s mortgage insurance premium.

It’s important to understand that this insurance is not to protect you, rather it’s a premium you as the borrower have to pay because you are wanting to borrow at a higher percentage compared to what the bank is usually willing to lend.

LMI is added onto your loan which means you will pay interest on this amount as well, leading to extra costs if you don’t have a 20% deposit.

Example of how much LMI you will need to pay to purchase a property for $750,000 to $1,000,000 and needing to borrow $675,000 (90%).

Please note, LMI premiums listed on the right are a guide online and are subject to change without notice.
 Property Value  Loan Amount  Estimated LMI Premium
 $750,000  $675,000  $16,674
 $800,000  $720,000  $17,785
 $850,000  $765,000  $18,897
 $900,000  $810,000  $20,009
 $950,000  $855,000  $21,120
 $1,000,000  $900,000  $22,232

Discounted Interest Rates

Banks calculate your interest rate based on the percentage you are borrowing. Some banks will charge a higher rate when you borrow more than 80% of the property value, but with the LMI waiver for mortgage professionals, your interest rate will be calculated the same as someone borrowing 80% even when you’re borrowing 90% of the property value.

Buy Your Home Sooner Without A Typical 20% Deposit

It can take years to save up a 20% deposit, and according to this article from finder.com.au – it can take on average almost 20 years to save up a deposit in some suburbs

Jema Samonte
Jema Samonte
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Couldn’t recommend David more, he’s super patient, takes the time to explain, is very knowledgeable and finds the right solutions to match your situation.

My partner and I worked with David and team. It was a very positive experience as we bought our first home guided by Kaleido loans.

Can’t thank David and the team enough for their helpfulness and professionalism! If you need a trustworthy broker who will keep on top of things, this is your go to.

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I had a great experience with the team at Kaleido Loans. David were professional, knowledgeable and really easy to deal with….
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Armando Crisostomo

Kaleido loans is Highly recommended. They are so helpful. I was looking for a house to buy and my credit score wasnt so great.
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Marissa Watson

They demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and support, and ensured the entire process from pre-approval to settlement was stress free.
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My partner and I recently purchased as first home buyers with the help of David & the rest of the team at Kaleido Loans.
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Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Kaleido Loans was established in 2015 by its founder Jason He. Since 2015, we have been helping our clients find the best loan for their situation and guiding them to achieve their financial goals. During the process, Kaleido Loans has outgrown Jason’s home office and we are now based in the hear of Parramatta with Three mortgage brokers and three assistants.

Underpinning this growth is the principle of “always acting in our client’s best interest” and this has been our guiding philosophy from day one.

Our mortgage brokers are all qualified with the highest industry recognised Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Management. We are also full members of Australia’s leading industry bodies, the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and Finance Brokers Associates of Australia (FBAA).

We have access to arrange your loan with a diverse range of different lenders/banks. These lenders include the major banks (such as Westpac,  ANZ, NAB, CBA etc) and non-major banks (such as ING Direct, Macquarie, ME Bank, Suncorp). In other words, banks with branhces as well as those without!

We also have access to other lenders who provide personal loans, car loans, equipment loans and commercial finance.

Our goal is to find you a loan that is suitable for your needs and requirements and continue to service your after settlement to ensure your loan continues to meet your needs as your life changes.

We conduct a detailed clients needs analysis and fact-finding process so we can fully understand your current financial situation and what your goals and needs are. Whether it’s to purchase your first home or purchasing your next investment property, by making sure we understand you, we can start the process of researching and personalizing, recommendations suitable for your situation.

After we shortlist a selection of lenders and their products, we then explain to you how these options match your needs, based on what you have told us.

Save More With Kaleido Loans

Being able to buy your home with a 10% deposit instead of a 20% deposit and without any having to pay LMI can help you save even more because you don’t need to spend years on rent, which is helping someone else pay off their home loan.

Talk to our lending specialist to see what is possible for you!

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